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Strategies That One Can Use To Hold Their Dental Employees Accountable
There are a lot of people now who are studying to be dentists and many more individuals graduating and joining the practice. Because of the many people graduating daily, there is no shortage of competition and as such every dental practice should aim to stay ahead of the competition. Patients will only be loyal to a practice that seems to be working extra to make sure that their demands and needs are met. No success can be guaranteed if the employees do not work together to make sure that the work that they do is nothing short of professional, it is therefore important to emphasize on team work. Teamwork needs to the norm of how things are run in the dental practice so that there is good conduct as well as accountability. In this chapter we shall then look at the various ways that an employer can emphasize on accountability.
Make sure that the employees are familiar with the vision, mission and standards for your work is one way of making them be accountable to the process. The goals of the practice, the ways that the goals and objectives will be achieved, the things that make the practice stand out and the general and detail roles of the employees is one way that one can make sure that the standards are met. Customer service is very important and should be well understood by the employees at the dental practice.
A strategy of achieving accountability is by making sure that the work and efforts of the employees are measured at a certain level. This is making sure that there are assessments in place that will gauge the kind of services they individually contribute to the general cause. Depending on an employer the assessments should be done so that the opinion the employer has towards their performance is known.
There can also be teachings, corrections and clarifications before any form of reproach is done. This is important because some errors cannot be avoided without proper teachings. Accountability from the employees can be relied on if only they have the right training on what is required of them.
Once training and leniency has been given a number of times, errors should be very minimal in the office. Making sure that there are consequences to the errors and mistakes that get made in the dental practice is a way of ensuring there is accountability. Terminating the employment of the employees or even placing them on probation is an example of the consequences for mistakes made.
For trust to build in the dental place there should be freedom for communicating openly. It is also important to have the employees talk freely.
The above mentioned strategies are very important in making sure that the business is ran successfully.