Looking On The Bright Side of

How the Environment Controls hoe Well we Are

There is so much you depend on the environment for. This is usually not something people give much thought. They may start to feel unwell and not attribute it to the environment they find themselves in. We are thus at the mercy of the environment physically and mentally. Our emotional health is even more affected. You need to thus know about the environment, and how it affects you.
We constantly observe so many things out there that we have no power to control. The lack of control itself is also another stressful event. You can find yourself in a lot of noise, glare, heat and big crowds. These factors shall wreak havoc on you as fast as your mental and emotional strength shall allow. It is best to walk away from such an area. You need to go where such things are not there, to recover and see if you can head back.
Bright lights are also another issue. It is known to cause depression, worsen it, lead to agitation and anxiety, and affect your sleep patterns. You need to get enough sleep if you expect the body and brains to recuperate properly. Those who do not also face the risk of getting obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and type II diabetes. You should therefore invest in a pair of sunglasses for use in areas with such bright light.
Crowds are another threat, depending on your social makeup. There are positive attributes that go with waking time for social interaction. But if you cannot be around too many people at once, you shall find large crowds unbearable. To cope with such a predicament, they should practice breathing techniques known for inducing a calm state. They shall discover more joy out of such interactions once they figure out what triggers such anxiety. Common causes are poor social skills, poor hearing, or shyness. They shall find books and articles on which they can get more info about such conditions and how to handle them.
You shall also be affected if you never take time to be in nature. Nature is capable of relieving you of your stress. You, therefore, need to find time and strength to go out there and be at one with nature.
The prevalent color in your environment is also an important factor. If you are in a blue or green dominated room, you will be calmer and more focused. A red or orange one shall give you anxiety and anger moods. You need to therefore repaint the room accordingly. You may also put up a mice wallpaper.
Smell is another powerful factor. Our ability to smell reports directly to our emotional system. This means you can become happy only by going where it smells nice.