A Simple Plan:

A Bath for your New Born

It’s a blessing a for a couple to welcome a new baby , the new bundle of joy will be life changing to the entire family. From there you need to think of how best to care for your baby so that they grow healthy. Many expectant couples will visualize and plan for the baby’s arrival but a few give thought on the life after the baby has finally arrived.

Your baby needs to be bathed from time to time, this is a crucial time for the mother or the father as they get to bond. This makes it very important to do it right when it comes to it. Most parents are reserved when it comes to the use of bath tubs in bathing their babies but the truth is that there is nothing wrong. The baby’s navel area needs to be well taken care of to heal properly and the way you give them a bath contributes greatly to the process.

The baby bath needs to be as comfortable as possible when you are giving them a bath, you will be supporting their head with one hand, make sure that all your supplies are near arms reach so that you don’t cause hem discomfort trying to get something that is far off. A the good surface top is one that is comfortable for the baby , changing tables work fine. Our hands facilitate a lot of bacteria transfer when you are about to give your baby a bath wash your forearms really well. You need to observe the highest level of cleanliness in the bathing area as well.

When preparing the baby for their bath , undress them but leave the diaper n for the moment just in case they want to have a bathroom session there. After undressing them you will then lay a towel on the surface of the table and lay the baby on the clean towel. Once you have your wash cloth with you get some water and dampen it and bath the baby gently. The water for the bath needs to be warm and not hot, it’s important to get the temperature right because the skin of a baby tends to be very sensitive. A good bath should start behind the near as you work your way down the neck and the rest of the body. Be careful around the umbilical cord stump so that it’s not infected.

At the crotch area remove the irritation gentle hoirritation,he genitals so as not to cause irritation , for circumcised baby boys let them heal completely before you can wash the head of the privatepart . The hair scalp does not need massaging like that of an adult, be gentle and use baby shampoo or just water. Tilt the baby’s head so that water does not get into the eyes. When the baby is done with the bath, have a second towel and dry them in a touch to dry way and dress them in fresh clothes that are comfortable.