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Reasons As To Why You Might Need To Look For A New Accountant

One thing that you need to know is that you must be able to trust your accountant since they are handling your money and maintaining the books. Accountants can be sometimes incompetent, overworked, unqualified for the work they do or just downright criminals. Below are some red flags that will let you know that you might need to start looking for someone else to manage your books.

One of the thing that you should focus on mainly is when you realize that your filings are always done close to the deadline, at the end of the day in a business no one would want to deal with penalties because of filing their taxes late. It is usually a major warning sign for your accountant if they barely meet the deadline every time. The only exception for this should be if you are the one showing up with your tax information right before the deadline. If you on your part you ensure that you get to the tax information to your content on time and they end up failing its late then you should know that they are the ones who have a problem.

Sometimes an accountant who can’t answer all your questions or at least refer you to someone who is better qualified as they may not have the expertise that you may need. Sometimes you will realize that your accountant does not have the answers right away, but it is important for them to ensure that they get back to you within a short period of time with all the needed answers that you had asked. If you realize that it is hard for you to reach them when you have questions this is also another red flag. If you contact your accountant and they are not able to answer the phone immediately, they should make sure that they respond to your inquiries in a reasonable time frame. Another red flag is reading an article or getting good advice from someone other than your account and when it comes to the advice that you should have gotten from them. An accountant is usually a service provider, and their work is for them to be available to you as much as they can and put them to respond to all your calls and emails in good time.

You should know that a competent accountant is usually ready to face the busy month and they can never bite off more than they can be able to do during the period. They will always have a sort of infrastructure that is needed to take one more work during this period.