Contemporary Furniture for a Relaxing and Stylish Den

A den is often created for husbands or teenagers in the home. It’s the perfect place for them to watch what they want on television, play cards or video games or simply relax. A den is typically situated in one of the smaller rooms of the house and the furniture chosen for it should preferably be multifunctional, compact and comfortable. Contemporary furniture is the perfect choice for this kind of space.

Although it may seem obvious, remember that men’s tastes in decor can differ significantly from a woman’s. If you are decorating the space for your partner, then it is generally best to avoid floral or pastel decor styles. In a den, earth toned colours and wooden decor is idea for creating a warm and inviting space.

In terms of furnishings, leather and wooden chairs work very well in a den, as these are comfortable, durable and will give the room a rich, elegant appearance. If leather upholstering does not appeal, then textured fabrics with stripes or plaid can also work well. Keep the colour toes neutral; chocolate browns, taupe and cream will all look good in this kind of space.

Aside from the seating, tables and entertainment units are usually used in a den. Try to use contemporary furniture that has a simple, rustic feel; elaborate or intricate designs are usually best avoided in this room. The entertainment unit should include space for the television, DVD player and any games consoles one might have. It should preferably come with some storage for CDs and DVDs as well.

If the man using the room has a hobby of some sort, then this could be the theme of the decor used in the den. Whether they enjoy a game of golf, sailing or reading, these kinds of hobbies can provide plenty of inspiration for this space. The wall art, soft furnishings and decorative accessories are the ideal pieces with which to do this and they can add interest and style to a room which is decorated in a simple style.

In terms of flooring for the den, why not use an accent rug which complements the rest of the decorative scheme? A rug can add warmth and colour to the room too, but stick to striped or solid patterns. Wooden floors look great in a den, as they provide a rustic, cabin look to the space and are also durable and easily maintained.

For those who want to decorate the room quickly and without too much expense, the walls can be painted. However, wood panelled walls can look great. Use framed artwork, awards or wall hangings to decorate the walls, although framed posters of the person’s favourite sports team or athlete could also work well.